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Pressing the Elevator Button

Why Choose
Proactive Lift Services?

Our Mission

To provide high levels of customer service for our clients, going above and beyond our competitors.

Our Vision

To offer a seamless client experience and deliver complete satisfaction, every time.

Our Values


We have a genuine passion for improving the lives of our clients through our work and our proactive approach.


We pride ourselves on acting in an open, transparent and honest manner, with a long term prospective to respect the stakeholder, our colleagues and the environment.


We are ambitious and we always strive to reach a great customer experience through high quality products and services. We encourage teamwork and are accountable to contribute to the team success.

We have over 35 years of experience and expertise working in all aspects of the lift and escalator industry. Our aim is to support you in delivering optimal, cost-efficient solutions for your client's projects. Your success is our goal.

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